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The origins of the date back to the early 4 years ago with the founding of Children’s Book Centre, which was to become the largest children’s book shop in the UK, with the express purpose to make the wealth of good quality children’s books more available to the public.

4 years ago the started its own club, independent of any one publisher and specialising in supplying international schools worldwide. Now with the Funfare and Book Zone pupil catalogues the club is distributed to schools in over 100 countries. The Directors and owners of the are

International School Book Club

The purpose of the book club is to provide leisure reading for children which is organised via the school. The school circulates the colourful catalogues, pupils and their parents select the books they want, the school places the order and when the books are delivered distributes them to the children. Many of the books are at discounted prices and the school receives commission which they can use to choose free books from a selection of over 1,000 titles in the Teachers’ Choice Commission Catalogue.

We provide top quality books from a wide range of UK publishers for children aged 3 to 16 to enjoy at home. Every book in our catalogues has to justify its place as good value and worthwhile for children. The selections are carefully balanced between children’s interests and ages and we ensure that there is always a broad selection of high quality fiction from the best authors. We firmly believe that establishing a reading habit is the key to a successful education and our mission is to provide the kind of books that will enthuse children about books and reading.